How to get rid of cat urine smell

how to get rid of cat urine with cleaning products

Many frustrated pet owners face the problem of trying to learn how to get rid of cat urine smell. Having cat urine creating an unpleasant smell and odor in your house is unpleasant and socially embarrassing.

When removing cat urine it is important to eliminate the stain as well as the odor. The reason for this is that your cat needs to learn not to repeat the unwelcome urination. Leaving traces can lead to cats continuing to urinate on that area.

Get to the stain as quick as possible if you want to know how

to get rid of the urine smell

One of the most obvious/best solutions to get rid of a cat pee smell is to try and eliminate the wet urine patch or stain as soon as possible. The quicker a pet owner can clean the urine, the less chance of a lingering odor.

How to stop cat urine smelling from a fresh

urine stain

  • Use paper towels on fresh cat urine stains firstWhen you notice a urine stain the first action you should take is to grab some kitchen paper, then dab the moisture to lift up the pee. Try and soak up as much urine as you can, do not use any products at this stage.
  • Once you have lifted the bulk of the moisture press down hard on the carpet/surface with paper towels to soak up the residue. It is important to remove the urine in this way, do not scrub or wipe the stain as this will rub and absorb the pee into the surface.
  • get rid of cat urine smell for goodOnce the moisture is taken out of the stain get a warm wet cloth. Take the wet cloth and rub the affected surface vigorously for around 30 second to one minute. Then leave the area to dry.
  • This will be enough to stop urine from smelling if you catch it quickly.
  • For extra safety you might want to spray some antibacterial liquid on the area where the urine was or spray a scented lemon juice and water mixture on the area.

How to remove a cat urine smell from old dried

in stains

Eliminating existing urine odors from your house is more complicated. It is often the case that cat pee stains become concentrated, they need more than just soapy water to remove the smell. The following can work well:

  • natural cat urine removal recipeThe use of white distilled vinegar and warm water in a 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water is often recommended along with a lot of elbow grease.
  • Allow this water/white vinegar mixture to soak into the carpet then remove the mix by dabbing the wet spot as described above with paper towels repeating until dry.
  • Once you have done this you will want to hoover the patch to make sure that all the moisture is lifted out.
  • If this is not strong enough then mixing hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and soapy water will tackle stronger cat pee and cat spray smells.
  • You want to mix the peroxide solution (3%) with baking soda and warm water to make a paste. Once
    Use baking soda for stubborn cat urine smells and odorsyou have this paste consistency apply it into the cat urine stain with a spoon. Try and get right down to the “roots” of your carpet.
  • Let this soak in (however not for too long as it may bleach your carpet) then remove it by scrubbing with warm soapy water then hoovering the patch.
  • Again it can’t hurt to spray the area afterwards with an antibacterial liquid or a lemon juice and water mixture.
  • There are other professional products which are available online and at pet stores to remove stains and smells also.


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