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How to remove cat urine from carpet

remove cat urine from carpet areas in the home

Many people have the problem of how to remove cat urine from carpet areas around the house. Cat urine stains can be very unsightly, and cause embarrassment when guests come round if they are seen. Cat owners also do not want to have to look at urine stains on their carpets; regardless of whether guests are present or not.

It is important that cat waste on a carpet is removed as soon as possible; this will stop it turning into a permanent stain that requires professional removal. Cat urine odor is at its worst on thick carpets as they are more absorbent.

Some simple and effective tips for how to remove cat urine from carpets:

1. The first thing you should do when looking for how to remove cat urine from carpet is to tackle the urine asap. Getting to it fast means damage limitation and less work for you. Leaving the cat urine to dry in is a very bad idea, as this will make the cleaning so much harder.

2. As soon as you notice the urine, absorb as much as you can with an unwanted cloth or old towel. If you do not have anything like this to hand then paper towels/toilet paper can also be used. Always dab and press down on pet pee in a carpet; you should never rub or scrub at it. Rubbing at cat urine in carpet will only dry it in and create a stubborn long term stain/smell.

3. Once you have the area dry you will want to clean up the remaining urine with the following procedure: You want to start by rewetting the area with a 50/50 water and white vinegar solution. This is most effective when the solution is warm but not hot. When applying be sure that you use enough to really soak into the deepest fibers of the carpet. Once this has been done, you will want to repeat the first step of blot drying the area, (obviously using new towels or paper towels).

4. This final stage is the most complex, as it involves the use of some items that may not be typical household remedies. To finish this how to remove urine from carpet guide you will need baking soda, liquid washing detergent (for dishes) and diluted hydrogen peroxide. Once you have all of these things you are ready to finish cleaning those pesky cat accidents around the house.

5. Start by putting around one handful of your baking soda onto the patch that your cat has urinated on. Then combine some 3% diluted hydrogen peroxide solution with some dishwashing liquid, this should be around a quarter cup volume. Drip this over the baking soda carefully; it will make a sort of paste that you can knead into the carpet thoroughly.

6. Once this has dried suck it up with a vacuum cleaner, this will really help make sure the urine smell does not stay. There will probably be a bit of excess that you’ll need to get out with a hard brush and then revacuum.


That really is all there is to removing cat urine from carpets, it’s simply a matter of being attentive. The sooner you treat the cat urine the less work it will be to remove from around the house.

How to remove cat urine from carpet

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  1. Jason Valasek Says:

    I love cats! Thanks for these simple and effective tips.

  2. Ocala Says:

    This is exactly why I have always been a dog person. After owning one cat who regaled us with his putrid smell of urine, I can honestly say, never again. I wish I had this info back in the day when I couldn’t get the smell out!

  3. jenbri Says:

    also you can use a professional carpet cleaning company or a IICRC cleaner in your neighborhood. they will have powerful vacuum and a tool name the claw which will pull it out of the padding along with chemicals that eat enzymes

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  5. Curtis -- Carpet Cleaner Says:

    Cleaning animal urine can be one of the nightmares of people having pets and carpets at the same time. Well, if you have both, you need to accept the responsibility that you need to do in order to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets. And oh, I want to add another organic carpet cleaning solution: vinegar and water. They are effective, seriously. Google the formula.

  6. Barrett Says:

    Hi, I have 2 cats. I really love them and do not want them out of my room. This post is very useful for me as I use to face such incidents.

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