Is Your Cat Vomiting White Foam?

cat vomiting white foam

Is your cat vomiting white foam? Now you are wondering why it happens? This actually happens when your cat has an empty stomach when it vomits, meaning it has not eaten anything yet. The cat puking white foam is actually puking out bile.

There are times when cats may vomit occasionally due to normal reasons. But when you notice your kitty cat puking white foam constantly, then you should consider this as a medical problem. Your pet should be brought to the veterinarian for proper diagnosing.

There should be tests that the veterinarian should conduct with your cat to identify underlying medical problems that might have caused your cat vomiting constantly.

Possible Reasons for a Cat Vomiting White Foam

There are actually a lot of reasons for a cat puking white foam out. I have listed here some of the causes that might help you analyze what might have gotten wrong with your cat. But you should be reminded that a vet’s advice is still best for proper diagnostics.

cat vomiting1. Cat Vomiting Due to Hunger

A cat vomiting white foam at a specific time of the day may be caused by hunger. If you notice your cat vomiting regularly during a specific time like every morning or noon or even during late at night, this could only be due to an empty stomach and that your pet is feeling very hungry.

This happens commonly to most cats that are fed only at a certain time without snacks in between. You just try giving your pet small snacks in between meals to prevent the cat puking white foam. But in cases where your cat is in a very strict diet for a reason, then you may ask your vet for possible actions to prevent this from happening.

2. Trying to Eliminate a Swallowed Object or a Poison

Sometimes, cat vomiting may be dues to a cat’s body reaction against a swallowed object that may obstruct its digestive passages. When it happens to only vomit bile, this might be because the cat is trying to reject the object but it won’t come out.

Cats can swallow a lot of its hair, which may cause them to throw up white foam in attempt of rejecting the object. When a cat swallows a poison that has already gone through its bloodstream, he can also vomit white foam as he tries to take the poison out of his body.

3. Cat Vomiting Due to Medical Issues

Cat vomiting white foam can be caused by something serious rather than just hunger or just swallowing objects. Renal failure can also be the reason for such cat puking white foam; or an esophageal tumor. There are many illnesses that show a cat vomiting white foam as part of its many symptoms.

For this, I would suggest you monitor your cat’s activities as well as its behavior. Take note of how often it urinates or poops or drinks water. Also you may need to record if it’s eating normally or not. This can be helpful for diagnosing as when you take your cat to the vet.

What to Give a Cat Vomiting White Foam

Cat vomiting bile can feel pain in its stomach. Vomiting makes cats suffer even if it is just hair balls that caused this to happen. You can help your cat alleviate its pain by feeding him stuff that will help its upset stomach, however, this home remedies can only be effective if the vomiting is not caused by serious illnesses.

Things you Can Give a Cat Vomiting White Foam

1. A tablespoon of Peppermint tea. This will help in calming an upset tummy.

2. Water. This is very helpful in keeping your pet hydrated.

3. Hairball medicines. If your cat vomiting white foam due to hairballs, a hairball aid will be the best thing you can give your pet.


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