Worrying about Constipation in Senior Cats


Constipation in senior cats

One condition that bothers pet owners is the constipation in senior cats. But this condition will not bother you more than it bothers your cat! The best thing that we, pet parents can do is to help our cats through this situation and make sure our old cats are living a healthy and happy life.

Is Constipation in Senior Cats Dangerous?

Senior cats are more prone to constipation because as a cat ages its metabolism slows down and making them more prone to this condition compared to you cats. If you won’t do anything to fix your cat’s problem, this situation might complicate and lead to dehydration! You do not want your poor kitty suffer, do you?

Whether if it is dangerous or not depends on what are the causes of constipation in cats in the first place!

Most Common Causes of Constipation in Senior Cats

Here are two most common causes on why constipation in senior cats occurs!

1. Excessive swallowing of hair

This usually happens to long haired cats. Hairballs are indigestible. If your cat swallows a lot of hair, it might accumulate inside its stomach, thus causing a problem in digestion as well as to its bowel movements.

2. Low Fiber Intake

Fiber content in a cat’s food is very essential, especially to senior cats. This will help them digest the food quickly and cleaning their colons. If you are not serving the right amount of fiber in accordance to your cat’s age, then, constipation in senior cats will happen.

Treatment for Cat Constipation Steps

Even if you know that constipation in senior cats is common, you still need to do something to alleviate your pet’s suffering as well as save it from further complications. I have here few steps on how you may be able to help your kitty deal with its constipation problems.

Steps for an Effective Treatment for Cat Constipation

1. First, you need to monitor your cat by observing how it behaves. When you see your pet frequently going into its litter box and attempting to eliminate waste but fails, then you should know that there is a problem. Then your cat will act a bit tired, indicating that it does not feel well. This will be the first symptom you should see when your cat is constipated.

constipation in senior cats

2. Since your cat is acting lethargic, it may not want to eat or even to drink water. You have to encourage your pet to drink up water in high amount. This is very important to keep the cat hydrated. Do whatever you can just to make your pet drink water. Bring its water dish to her. Gently stroke her fur to encourage your cat to drink the fresh water.

3. Change your pet’s diet. You may want to add more fiber to its meal. Feeding your cat with wet cat food may also help. Constipation in senior cats may be prevented if you give your pet the right diet that is easily digested by her system.

4. There are supplements or medicines that can help your cat get the wallowed fur balls out of its system. You may ask your vet about these products.

Take Note!

Cats need to bowel 2 times a day! This is a good indication that they are healthy. But after taking the steps and still no improvement has occurred for 1-2 days, you may need to take your pet to the vet. This way your cat will be examined and diagnosed in case that there are other things that might have caused this constipation in senior cats.

Also, if your cat refuses to eat or drink, you may take her to the vet for intravenous hydration. There will also be cases where the vet will be performing actions to manually remove the wastes stuck in your cat’s system. Operation may also be needed in case your cat has swallowed objects that are not for eating as this can block the passages and are the causes of constipation in cats.

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